1 First Martial Arts Perth_WA_3SL2995smallFirst Martial Arts Perth – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Kung Fu, Karate & TaeKwonDo ?

Kung Fu originated in China, Karate in Japan and TaeKwonDo in Korea. Each of these martial arts has similar fundamentals, however each style was formed using differing philosophies to ensure their effectiveness. In TaeKwonDo, more leg techniques are generally used to increase reach advantage and to keep and attacker outside their striking range. As the legs can deliver almost double the amount of power to an assailant quicker than using the hands, a TaeKwonDo practitioner may end a self-defence situation very quickly. In Karate they use more hand techniques, and in Kung Fu they use mostly arms.

2. What ‘style’ of TaeKwonDo does First Martial Arts teach and train in?

We teach the traditional style of TaeKwonDo that is known as “Chang-Hon”. First MA trains in the TaeKwonDo style that the ITF(International Taekwon-Do Federation) evolved from and that the sporting style of the WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) .All current TaeKwonDo styles originally came from the same style First Martial Arts continues to train and persevere.

3. What age may child start First Martial Arts TaeKwonDo training?

We accept children from the age of Year 1 attendance. At the age of 6 years, most children have a working understanding of the moral concepts and consequences of right and wrong. When teaching children martial arts, they must have a basic degree of maturity to control their actions; at 6, most have achieved this.

4. At what age is ‘too old’ ?

Age is a relative to the mindset of the person. However generally once  your are in your 50s you are nearing the maximum commencement age, this does not mean that 60 is too old. In First Martial Arts we have many students, mostly Black Belts well in their 60s, training weekly.

5. Is First Martial Arts beneficial for fitness and health?

Yes. Every class starts with warm-up exercises designed to increase your body’s strength, coordination, balance, endurance, and flexibility. During training, we use all the muscle groups, giving you an all-round workout. As we use a great deal of leg techniques (the body’s largest muscle group), we significantly increase your ability to burn masses of calories, which assists with losing weight.

6. How much does it cost?

We don’t use contractual agreementss or direct debits, you simply pay at the start of each calendar month and you don’t pay for months you do not train. Students should attend training because they wish to study the martial art, not because they are locked into a billing contract.

 7. May I compete in tournaments with First Martial Arts?

No. Traditional martial arts are not a sport. At First MA we train for self-defence applications and to perfect technique, not for points or competition. As opposed to the sporting way, the traditional martial arts builds stronger students physically along with greater mentally confident.

8. May I transfer my belt rank from another school or Taekwondo

No, however Master Low assesses all student on his quarterly exam visits to Perth, if a student has adaptable skills , strong technique and a positive attitude they maybe advanced accordingly.

9. What time period does it take to become a First Martial Arts Black Belt ?

It is relative to a student’s ability and dedication. Generally speaking, it takes about four of five years of continuous training twice a week as a junior belt and three times weekly as a senior belt will see most practitioners ready to sit a Black Belt grading under Master Low. Again, this depends on the individual. Only a small percentage of those that commence First Martial Arts training achieve Black Belt level, training is much more than punching, blocking and kicking. Students that have the spirit and fortitude, achieving their Black Belt rank is just the beginning of learning the Art.

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